Redneck Costume IdeasRedneck costume ideas are hot right now! They’re one of the easiest Halloween costumes to put together on short notice, too. With a few select wardrobe items, maybe a set of great billy bob teeth for men, or a nice set of daisy-dukes and a baby-bump for an unplanned pregnancy for women, you’ll soon be on your way to trailer trash party heaven.

Not only will this site give  you a wealth of inspiring redneck costume ideas, here you can learn a bit more about redneck culture for the next time you find yourself cruising the local trailer park. To be an real redneck, or honorary hillbilly, there are some things you need to know. Like what’s the definition of a redneck? What are some redneck jokes, quotes, and sayings? Hell, what kind of beer should you drink while wearing your redneck costume? True trailer trash needs to know about trucks, tattoos, and, well, trailers!

All the best redneck costume ideas start from the top down, and for men, we all know the king of the trailer park proudly wears a mullet! Class in the front, trash in the back. Click on one below to check out the wig details.

Super Mullet (Blonde) Wig Adult Mullet (Brown) Wig Adult Mississippi Mud Flap Blonde Adult Wig Super Mullet (Dark Brown) Adult

Mega White Trash Wig Adult

For ladies though, there’s a different style. A real redneck woman, a true white trash girl has big, teased hair with a bad bleach job. Some additional touches may be some daisy-dukes, a flannel shirt, and perhaps a big belly indicating a pre – wedding pregnancy.

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